Sunday, March 20, 2005

Simple brew kettle heat sheild

This could easily fall into the catagory of too simple to mention but who knows....

Yesterday was a great day with temps int he high 50's and sun. So i decided to do my first outside brew session. The only problem it was a bit windy and i could stant sitting there feelign like all the heat was exiting my kettle thru the exposed sides. No to mention all the wasted heat blowing off the burner. Luckly I had some aluminum flashing laying around. 2 minutes worth of work and i had a cylinder held together with binder clips that fit nicely inside the frame of my $30 Thermos turkey fryer burner (the kettler came with this kit from Target, great deal of the year).

Now i had a way to carry all the waste heat from the burner up around the side of the kettle, not only should this prevent cooling of the kettle but should also push a little more heat into the kettle. I don't have any data to back you this efficeny increase but quick readings at the top of the jacket showed the air between the kettle and heat sheild was 215F-230F.

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